September 5, 2021

In this series we will consider the ways in which the lives of Elijah and Elisha show us how to live with power even in dark times

Both faced the difficulties of a culture that had willfully turned its back on God and joyfully engaged in the hedonistic practices of pagan idol worship.

They dealt with a corrupt and self-serving leadership that branded them as troublemakers and sought to silence their voices

They endured difficult times brought on by the consequences of sin and God’s ensuing judgment which was meant to draw the people back to Himself

They experienced drought, famine, warfare, spiritually deaf ears, hard-heartedness, and the growing pervasiveness of blatant immorality.

But in spite of these challenges, they lived as victorious vessels through whom God displayed His power and presence.

We too live in dark times and just like Elijah and Elisha, we have the opportunity to display the power of God in the midst of that darkness. In fact, that is what we are called to do…

Living with power in dark days means taking a stand for truth. In order to do that we must…
• KNOW the truth
• We must proclaim the truth
• We must be willing to pay the cost of truth

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