November 22, 2020

Through Joseph’s life we have been on a journey to discover who we are in Christ and understand how we can grow into the person we were meant to be

Today we want to look at a key factor in who we are in Christ, a factor that is determined by the choices we make to LIVE WITH INTEGRITY

Let’s continue on with Joseph’s story and see how he chose to live with INTEGRITY

Potiphar’s Wife – Living With Integrity

KEY TEXT: Genesis 39:6-23

1. Even if it seems very small
2. Even when we believe it won’t hurt anyone
3. Even if we feel we deserve it
4. Even when we think no one will know
5. Even when we assume we can get away with it
6. Even when we feel it is justified
7. Even if others don’t
8. Even if we are falsely accused
9. Even if it doesn’t seem fair
10. Even if the cost is great

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