November 1, 2020

Joseph – Finding Who We Are In Christ

I would like to take a journey through the life of Joseph and allow his life to show us who we are in Christ and how we can walk in that identity.

Someone has said… “Our true identity is found when we stop being ‘who we are’ and start being who we were created to be.”

We’ve been talking a lot about what we believe and how we can grow. Now I want to help us understand who we are in Christ and how we can grow into the person we were meant to be

KEY TEXT: Genesis 37:1-11

Joseph’s NAME – “he will add”

Joseph’s COAT – Gods love and favor

Joseph’s DREAMS – tells us that God has a plan for our lives and wants to fill us with His dreams (purposes)

Jacob “born to him in his old age” Age – Even in our old age God wants to bless us and fulfill the dreams He has put in our hearts

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