May 9, 2021


Today we want to talk about REAL PEOPLE

One of the things that authenticates The Word of God is the fact that it includes all of the ugly truths, the REAL truths, that a fictitious work might seek to whitewash so as to make itself look better.

This is what the Bible tries not to hide. Throughout its pages you find REAL PEOPLE with real problems, real struggles, real character deficiencies, and yet God seeks them out to have a relationship with them

And I for one am glad because I am one of those REAL PEOPLE and so are you

KEY TEXT: John 8:2-11

Are sinners who FALL SHORT of God’s Glory
And yet, because of God’s GRACE and MERCY we are not DESTINED to remain in our sin
God’s grace and mercy is not an EXCUSE to CONTINUE in sin, but an OPPORTUNITY for Spirit empowered change

And yet, because of God’s LOVE we are not DEFINED by that brokenness
God’s love does not LEAVE us in our brokenness, but is the FORCE that puts us back together and causes us to walk in WHOLENESS

Are FRAGILE and limited by WEAKNESS
And yet, because of God’s POWER we are made STRONG
Our weaknesses do not DISQUALIFY us for service, but are an INVITATION to RELY on His STRENGTH

Have the Capacity for FAILURE
And yet, because of God’s FAITHFULNESS, we are not DISCARDED when we fail
Failure is not a reason to GIVE UP, but God’s faithfulness ENCOURAGES us to PUSH FORWARD to PERFECTION

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