February 14, 2021

Wrestling in Prayer (Part 3)

Colossians 4:12
Matthew 11:1-30

We have been considering the phrase found in Colossians 4:12 “wrestling in prayer”. This morning I want to look at someone else who had his own time of wrestling in prayer

John is in prison and he is wrestling in prayer.

Prison can represent many things. Sickness and disease, impossible situations, unanswered prayers, devastating circumstances. Regardless, prison is a place of confinement, loneliness, discouragement, questioning, doubt, depression, fear.

Wrestling in prayer will sometimes mean wrestling with our own personal prisons. And in those times, like John, what we need most is a Word from the Lord

1. The Kingdom of God is so much bigger than my own personal circumstances

2. Keep the Faith

3. I see your integrity and devotion
– I am pleased when you stand strong (most are blown around by every wind of doctrine)
– I know you don’t serve me out of greed and ambition (So many do)
– I am proud of you (And all of my servants)
– You have accomplished great things

4. Persecution and struggle are part of the package
– You’re not alone in your struggle
– The Kingdom is advancing

5. There will always be people who are upset with you

6. You are my child

7. It’s ok to be tired

8. I will take care of you

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