April 11, 2021

What comes to mind when I say “The Real Thing?” Several pictures came to my mind, mostly related to our relationship with Jesus and His desire for us to walk with Him on an ongoing basis, just like the disciples had left their nets and followed Him.

The resurrection wasn’t the end it was just the beginning of a life lived for Jesus.

The impression I kept getting was “It needs to be REAL” That’s when I thought… “Hey, didn’t that use to be an advertising slogan for COKE?” – “It’s The Real Thing”

Then God dropped the name of this series into my heart “THE REAL THING” I felt like God was saying… “I want them to know that it is real. I am real. What I did on the cross was real. Their salvation is real. My Word is real. And the relationship that I want with them needs to be real.”

There are too many voices out there claiming that none of it is real. There are too many believers who are falling for the lies of the enemy that it is not real. There are too many false representations of Christianity out there. There are too many Christians that are not living a real Christian life.

So, this series is going to focus on The Real Thing…

A Real God who wants…
Real Relationship with…
Real People and fill them with…
Real Power

This morning I want to lay the foundation for those thoughts.

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