May 3, 2020


Today we will focus on Job and David, two men who weren’t afraid to acknowledge that they had questions. Two men who asked why? How long? What is going on? When? How come?

The psalms are full of David’s questions. The book of Job is all about seeking answers from the Lord and, in its conclusion, God answers by questioning Job.

Throughout the scriptures we find people waiting for answers. In our own experiences, there is no shortage of questions nor the waiting that comes along with them. What answers are you waiting for today?

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when we are waiting for answers…

  • Its o.k. to ask
  • God’s answers may not make sense to us
  • Don’t confuse waiting for an answer with waiting for a YES.
  • Others will try to answer on God’s behalf (like Job’s friends) and while those answers may have some bits of truth with them, they are not THE answer that we need from God.

Here are some answers that God wants us all to hear today, regardless of our questions…

  1. I am listening
  2. I am with you
  3. I am acting
  4. I am bigger than your questions
  5. I am the answer

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