May 17, 2020


For the last few weeks, our series has been WAITING. We have looked at what the scriptures teach us concerning….

1. Waiting for Provision
2. Waiting for Answers
3. Waiting for Miracles

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to those messages yet, I encourage you to get on our website or YouTube channel and catch up on the principals we have discussed so far, because they are all interrelated and build on each other.

Today I want to talk about something we are ALL waiting for… The Return of Christ. Our wait began the day Jesus ascended into heaven

Key Text: Acts 1:6-11

1. The Battle of being PREPARED

WEAPON: By FAITH, reach out and take hold of the Salvation that Jesus offers you. And through FAITH maintain a daily relationship with Christ

2. The Battle of FEAR

WEAPON: TRUST in God’s goodness and timing and be filled with the HOPE and JOY of his return

3. The Battle of DOUBT

WEAPON: RESIST the temptations of the enemy that say He is never coming back by FILLING your heart and mind with the truth of the scriptures that promise His return.

4. The Battle of WEARINESS

WEAPON: Stay VIGILANT in expectation

5. The Battle of COMPLACENCY

WEAPON: With urgency fulfill his mission for the church

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