June 21, 2020


Matthew 5:48 (NIV)
48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

You have a father who is perfect. Please let that thought settle in your heart and mind today. Don’t put it through the filter of your own experience. Just receive it, hold on to it, be comforted by it, strengthened by it, encouraged by it, healed by it. You have a perfect father.

Jesus said it in his sermon on the mount. Your father in heaven is perfect.

• Is always there for you
• Loves unconditionally
• Pursues a relationship with you passionately
• Delights to talk to you and reveal himself to you
• Is patient with us
• Is proud of us
• Will correct and discipline without damaging or destroying
• Is Gentle AND Strong
• Defends those he loves


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