June 14, 2020


Last week we looked at this scripture and asked the question, “Can You Pass This Test?”

Every day we encounter situations that put us to the test and every day, it seems to me that there are many who fail the test. We fail to guard our tongues, we fail to listen carefully, we fail by reacting with anger, judgement, and condemnation rather than respond with mercy, discernment, and forgiveness. We fail by considering ourselves religious but misrepresent the kingdom of God by being hearers of the word of God but not putting it into action in our lives.

Today I want to discus three more ways in which we fail the test.

We fail the test when we…

  1. TEAR DOWN rather than build up
  2. Confuse PERSONAL PREFRERENCE and CONVICTION with God ordained principles and truth
  3. Fail to love God with ALL and love OTHERS as ourselves

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