November 18, 2018

Christians will face many battles.  Some of these battles will be faced many times during our lives and at times we will have to fight many of them at the same time.

Last week we said that as we journey though the life of David, we will observe many of the struggles he faced and how he overcame them with God’s help.  In Part 1 we learned about 2 early battles that David faced and how we can face these battles too.

  1. The battle of BELIEF
  2. The battle of the DISBELIEF of other

This week we want to look at several more battles that we may face in our Christian Life

  1. The battle of believing in yourself
  2. The battle of doing what others expect
  3. The battle of disdain
  4. Goliath Battles-  huge obstacles that stand in our way that seem impossible to
  5. The battle of Disappointment – when things change


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