May 13, 2018

Here in Ephesians we are given a simple but profound command. Husbands love your wives

Now it is true that on this Mother’s Day, I want to specifically address husbands

But this message is not only for husbands. I also want to address our young men who will someday be husbands

I want to address our women and young women who need to know the value that God places upon them and who should understand what true love is so that they would not settle for a worldly definition of what love is. I believe, ladies you have a right to expect to be loved in this way

Finally, I want to address us all, as God’s people, and call us to be obedient to God’s command to love one another

Let’s ask ourselves some important questions about the love that we currently practice because we may be operating from the wrong definition of love
1. What examples shape the way we love?
2. What influences define how we love?
3. What standards do we hold ourselves accountable to?
4. What definitions of love do we subscribe to?

Many things could be said about His love and what we will discuss this morning is not an exhaustive list; but let’s take a few minutes to examine the following characteristics of Christ’s love that we are called to imitate and as we do I want you to evaluate yourself in how well you are doing is each area.

·       Unconditional Love

·       Giving Love

·       Sacrificial Love


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