June 24, 2018

I have been thinking about all the voices we hear and how they can have an impact on our lives. 

Yes, I said we hear voices…  Not in the crazy sense with which we typically associate that statement; but voices nonetheless that are very real.  Voices that can lead us in good directions and bring blessings to our life and voices which aren’t so kind and can even lead to our destruction

God begins with a question…  What are you doing here?  Elijah answers and it is apparent from his answer, and the rest of the preceding story, that Elijah has been hearing voices.  Not just God’s voice, but other voices that were impacting his life – those voices were shaping his perspective, his assessment of truth,  his faith, his will to live.  Are we any different?  How many times have we heard voices that begin to shape our thinking, our decisions, our faith?


1.    The Voices Within

2.    The Voices Without

3.    The Voices From Below

4.    The Voices From Above

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