January 26, 2020

Over and over again we see the pattern of God’s miraculous works soon forgotten by His people.

In our lives we often see the victory of God only to soon put His love and help out of our minds and turn again to our own desires

Hosea 2:13 New International Version (NIV)
13 …she decked herself with rings and jewelry, and went after her lovers, but me she forgot,” declares the Lord.

Remember that in the book of Esther God is conspicuously absent and that we said perhaps that was a way of God pointing out to His people that they had forgotten Him but that he had not forgotten them. Mordecai and Esther knew the importance of establishing a plan of remembrance. It is this remembrance that helps us continue to walk in the benefit of the victory that God has given us.

For instance, that’s why after 9-11 we took hold of the thought – “We Will Not Forget”

God established many ways to help his people remember, because He knew that without it, we would forget.

It’s Time to CELEBRATE and CONTINUE TO WALK IN the victory God has given us 

  1. By remembering what God has done for us
  2. By remembering to love and encourage others
  3. By remembering to focus on our own personal inward growth

The book of Esther ends not by refocusing on the victory over Haman’s plot, but on the character of Mordecai himself. The greatest victories in our lives are not those we win on the outside, but those we win on the inside. If we win the public battles but loose our personal ones what good is it?


  1. Thank you Pastor David. Even though I’m not there for the moment; this close of Esther gave me such wisdom and a jubilant cry to tell everyone how Good God has blessed me and my family. I want to be God’s messenger for all mankind; to share in my victories. Just being able to listen to you Pastor while I’m recovering; has lifted me in every great thing God has done. My heart is full because YOU taught the WORD!! Thank you 🙏

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