January 12, 2020

Here in Chapter 7 we finally hear Esther use her voice to present her request to the King. We knew that everything hinged upon this moment; we had been waiting on pins and needles, hoping for a favorable outcome. But the truth is, without Esther’s voice destruction would have surely come for the Jews. Without Esther’s voice nothing would have changed. Without Esther’s voice the truth could not have been revealed. It was time for Esther to use her voice and it is time for us to use our voice as well

God has given us a voice to use in this world both as individuals and corporately as the body of Christ, but are we using it? Maybe you’re afraid. Maybe you don’t feel qualified. Maybe you think it won’t change anything. Maybe you assume that God will use someone else. Esther chapter 7 teaches us that


It’s Time to USE OUR VOICE to…

  • Proclaim the existence of the one true creator and God
  • Present the truth of right and wrong, good and evil
  • Prophesy the things that are to come
  • Prepare people for the reality of eternity in heaven or hell
  • Reveal the Promise of God’s love and forgiveness for all who seek it
  • Preach the power of the cross
  • Petition for Gods help in Prayer
  • Praise the wonders that God has done

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