December 30, 2018

Water not only represents something physical that we need, but something spiritual that we need as well. The fact is we all need fresh spiritual water to maintain our lives and our growth. Moreover, you cannot survive off of yesterday’s water.  We need a fresh supply!

So will you recognize the vital importance of fresh water for your souls this year?  Will you come to appreciate the proven validity of these old wells and start thirsting for their supply?  Will you commit yourself, with God’s help, to the work that is necessary, and start drinking today?

1.    The Vital Importance of Fresh Water

2.    The Proven Validity of Old Wells

  • The Well of The Word of God
  • The Well of Prayer and intimacy with God
  • The Well of Fellowship with other Believers
  • The Well of The Baptism of The Holy Spirit
  • The Well of Forgiveness
  • The Well of Evangelism

3.    The required Necessity of Work

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