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Patrick received May 18, 2021

Prayed for 1 times

Sorry first-time doing this in a long long time, maybe cause I lost my fate or due to my loneliness threw life but I always stay positive if not for me for others when time is needed. Now things are getting overwhelming time is going by me so fast I feel like I'm on a merry-go-round... All I know is to be strong 💪and be strong for my family. So I guess what I'm asking lord is please watch over me and my family and give me some more strength and courage 🙏 to get past these hardiness help me overcome these obstacles set in my path... I know I know I have sin so much but all with good intentions please don't let me forgotten nore my family. I love you and very sorry I havent prayed in very long time even now I still don't know if I'm doing this right but I hope rejoice soon I'll still pray

Anonymous received Apr 19, 2021

Prayed for 2 times

Please pray that God would bring supernatural peace to my work place, pray that God would help my co-workers and I with things we're dealing with in life. Finally pray that God would perfect that which concerns me.

Sid received Apr 19, 2021

Prayed for 2 times

Prayer for healing from hip pain right side due to a fall. Thank you and God bless you.Sid. Alabama.

Anonymous received Apr 7, 2021

Prayed for 2 times

Please pray that God would deliver my friends/family members and I that are battling discouragement and hopelessness. Pray that God would give us breakthroughs in our daily lives and help us in areas we are struggling. Also pray that God would help us to overcome sin. Finally pray that God would give me deeper relationships with some of my friends so that I can grow more.

Seth received Mar 21, 2021

Prayed for 2 times

Please pray that God will pursue me and pursue me until I am restored to a deep, living, intimate revival relationship with Him. There are so many barriers, sins, so much spiritual bondage and baggage from the past, so much blocking me from drawing near to Him. Pray that the Lord will break through all of that and pursue me with His love. Pray that God will replace my divided heart of stone with a heart for God. Pray that God will remove all idols from my heart, and give me a clean, pure heart and mind. If there is another revival coming, like the Welsh Revival, pray that God will bring me to the right places at the right times where revival is happening. Thank you.