Looking Ahead

Hello Everyone,

What a challenging few weeks it has been for our nation. Everyone of us has been impacted in some way by the Corona Virus Pandemic. As we continue to navigate these unsure waters, I wanted to share an update with our Church Family as we hopefully prepare for some lessening of the restrictions to our public gatherings soon. Of course, we still don’t have any exact dates for when we will be able to meet again, but as a staff we have been thinking and preparing for the process of moving forward when that time comes. Here are some things that we would like for you to know as we start looking ahead.

Public Gatherings

Currently our restrictions run through April 30. We have a Board meeting scheduled for Thursday evening, April 30 to review any changes or extensions to the current prohibitions. Assuming we have some direction for change at that time, we will let you know as soon as we can. It is my hope that sometime in May we will be allowed to begin meeting again. Meanwhile, thank you so much for joining us online for services. Keep participating whenever you can in the adult and children’s services and in your own personal devotional times, prayer, and faith development.

When we do resume our public gatherings, we know things may still look a little different for a while. Even though we have been maintaining regular and thorough cleaning of our church facilities, we are making plans to have an outside company come in to sanitize the church prior to opening up for our first public service. We are also making plans to have hand sanitizer stations available for you to use as well as a supply of face masks (disposable and reusable). Thank you to those ladies who have already made masks available for our Food Bank workers and for many others in the church as well. Our plan is to have the masks available as you come in the doors for those who would like to use them. When you do come to church, please continue to use good judgement in social distancing practices like leaving some space (at least between families), refraining from shaking hands and hugging (at least for now), and washing your hands and using hand sanitizer.

Online Services

We plan on continuing making our services available online even after public services resume. We know that some will still not feel comfortable with attending public gatherings and want to make a way that all of us can continue to participate in corporate worship. If you haven’t yet, please make sure you are connected with the following…

Facebook Page -

Facebook Group -

Church Website -

Youtube Channel -

Online Giving -

Also make sure we have a working email address for you.

Mother’s Day

We are not sure if we will have a Public Mother’s Day Service, but regardless, let’s not forget to take time to honor our Mother’s and make Mother’s Day a special time of recognition and celebration for all they do. And don’t forget, it’s not just “mothers who have biological children” that deserve our thanks and appreciation. There are lots of women who fulfill the role of being a mother to their adopted children, grandchildren, and spiritual children as well. Take some time to say thank you to a Mother this year.

Graduate Recognition

We are moving forward with plans to have a graduate recognition service on May 24th. Of course, if we cannot have a physical gathering then we are making contingency plans to do an online graduate recognition service. Plans are still being developed, but we would like to make this a very special time for our graduates since most graduations and proms have been cancelled for this year. You can help us out in the following ways…

  1. Give us the name and information of your Graduate (High School, College, or Jr. High) including any special accomplishments and their future plans
  2. Send us (or drop them by) some pictures (20 – 25) of your graduate. NOTE: We need these by May 10th in order to put a presentation together.
  3. Gather some stuff together for a recognition table. We would like each graduate to have a display table here at church honoring their accomplishments
  4. Attend the service (hopefully here at the church on May 24th) and make plans to stay afterwards for a reception. NOTE: Please have your graduate wear their graduation robes for the service

Children’s Camp (June 22 – 26)

The Arizona District of The Assemblies of God is proceeding forward with plans to have both Youth and Children’s Camp. They have taken special steps to ensure the campgrounds will be ready and safe for these activities. We would love to take a group of kids to camp this summer as it has always been a great time for our kids to grow closer to God. Pastor Lindsey will be reaching out to you to determine how many might be interested in attending. Pre-registration is $50.00 per student. Even though the total cost of camp is $220 per student, we are working to make sure your cost will only be $150. We know that this is still a lot of money and will be making scholarships available for those who need it. Please let us know if you are interested in have your kids attend camp this summer. If you are interested in making a special gift to help a child attend camp, please designate your gift as “Children’s Camp”

Cake Auction (June 7)

For the past several years we have done a cake auction to help with the cost of camp. Many of you have participated by making some delicious desserts or by bidding on those that were made. Our tentative plans are to hold a cake auction on June 7th here at the church. If we can not hold it here, we are again making plans to do a virtual cake auction by going live on our YouTube channel. Either way, you will be able to make bids in real time for the dessert of your choosing. If our cake auction turns out to be virtual, we will make plans for you to be able to pick up your dessert here at the church or have us deliver it to you. This means we need people to commit to making some luscious desserts. Please contact Pastor Lindsey if you would like to participate.

Food Bank, Finances and Facility Improvements

Our Food Bank Ministry has continued to operate and has grown significantly during the past two months. A great team of volunteers has been working extremely hard to process thousands of pounds of food each week. We pick up food from several stores every day of the week. Some days there are 3 – 4 different pickups that must be made. All of this must be weighed, sorted, stored and food boxes prepared. Wednesdays and Saturdays are our normal services days with 20 – 30 families coming each day. We have also invited our church family to come during the week and get food. Food is available, so if you or someone you know needs it please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. A Huge THANK YOU to all of our volunteers.

I can’t give God enough praise for his provision during this time. Because of your faithfulness in giving, our church finances have remained strong throughout these weeks. We have met our budgeted income amounts for both March and April, all the bills are paid, and we have money in the bank. That’s good news indeed.

Due to severe weather damage on our children’s building we took this time of not having children on site to address those and other needed repairs. We have had a crew on site for the past three weeks repairing and making improvements to the outside of our Children’s building. We replaced all the dry rotted trim and facia, replaced two doors that were falling off the hinges due to water damage, put up gutters, replaced some rotten flooring, added awnings over all three doors, repainted and addressed some plumbing issues. We are not quite done yet but will be completely finished and ready to host our kids on campus soon.

Final Thoughts

Finally, let me commend you for the way in which you are reaching out to help and love one another. Please keep it up. The following scripture has come to mind a lot lately.

Galatians 6:2 (ESV)

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Keep checking on one another, keep encouraging one another, Keep calling, texting, and engaging in social media with each other. Keep helping each other in the ways I have witnessed you doing in recent weeks. For by so doing, you are “fulfilling the law of Christ”

I Love You All